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william morris strawberry thief art nouveau painting iphone case

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william morris strawberry thief art nouveau painting iphone case

william morris strawberry thief art nouveau painting iphone case

Also of note Microsoft asked a court to stop a Linux start-up from using a name the software giant contends infringes on the Windows trademark..Windows XP, Microsoft's biggest operating system launch ever, has failed to generate enough retail sales to push past its predecessor. Which may help explain why less than two months after Window XP's launch, Microsoft has reshuffled a few high-ranking executives in its flagship Windows unit..Mac users discovered a new default home page powered by AOL Time Warner's Netscape Communications subsidiary--a seemingly minor switch that nevertheless highlights some of the most fractious alliances in the technology industry..Pressplay, which will charge people a monthly subscription fee to download and stream digital music, launched through its Web distribution partnerships with Yahoo, Microsoft's MSN Music and Roxio..As Republicans and Democrats debate sweeping changes to federal tax laws, analysts and company executives agree anxious taxpayers will be more prone this year to use software and online tax-preparation services offered by Intuit and H&R Block.

Tip 5: If you want to save Google Maps so you can access them while offline, just say or type "OK Maps" (Google Glass, anyone?) in the search box, You'll see a message that says the onscreen map area has been cached, Update: In response to feedback about the method used for saving maps offline, Google has added a new "Make this Map area available offline" link under the search box for faster access, You may have noticed that Latitude is nowhere to be found in this version of Google Maps, If you want to see locations of friends, you'll have william morris strawberry thief art nouveau painting iphone case to open the Google+ app and choose Locations from the left-hand menu..

200,000 more requests to iPlayer came from tablets than phones last month, the BBC says, while requests from all mobile devices made up a healthy 30 per cent of all traffic to Auntie's on-demand service. That figure seems to be growing -- In January it was divulged that 25 per cent of iPlayer visits came from mobile gadgets in 2012. Meanwhile, the BBC has also said which programs proved most popular on its service, namely Top Gear's Africa special and Neil Gaiman's radio drama Neverwhere, which topped Radio 4's comedy programmes.

Still to come: advertising, social networking, and more, Voice services are the future right? william morris strawberry thief art nouveau painting iphone case The Starship Enterprise's sassy lady opened doors and took evasive action, For now, ours are limited to giving directions and translating text, Voice services are the next generation of technology evolving from person-to-person phone calls, Voice services can solve some of the big problems like having to press buttons or pay attention to what you're doing, That's good for people with vision problems and for road warriors, In the past, people associated automated voice services with the fictional computer of the Starship Enterprise, but these days we're able to use it for mobile Web services like GOOG-411 and 1-800-DIRECTIONS, which showed off their stuff in the last session..

CNET también está disponible en español. Don't show this again. Whew, I need to relax. Easier said than done, right? Enter Pranayama and Stress Free with Deepak Chopra, two new iPhone apps designed to help you trade stressed-out for chilled-out. Pranayama performs one basic function: guided breathing. According to the developer, research shows that 15 daily minutes of slow, deep breathing can improve overall health and even treat ailments like depression and insomnia. To get started, you choose a "skill" level, breathing pattern (inhale/exhale or inhale/retain/exhale), and timing option (how long each step should last). Then, just tap Play. You'll hear a musical tone that corresponds with inhaling, then a different one for exhaling.