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iphone case best

It will be interesting to keep tabs on how this program goes for Qantas and whether it will inspire similar trials on flights from major U.S. carriers. Would you want to have an iPad at your disposal on your flights? Let me know in the comments. Australian airline Qantas will run a pilot program to test response to the inclusion of iPad 2 units on one of its Boeing 767-300 jets. Australian airline Qantas will run a pilot program to test response to the inclusion of iPad 2 units on one of its Boeing 767-300 jets. Qantas has installed a personal iPad 2 for each of the 254 seats on the plane, according to a report from Australian Business Traveler.

If you were following last night's unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and wondered how this new phone differed from the Samsung Galaxy S2, hit play on the iphone case best video above and wonder no more, In it I explain the top five things that separate the two phones from each other, For those that prefer reading, the main points are below, The S2 had a 4.3-inch screen, but the S3 has a bigger 4.8-inch screen, It's also got a higher resolution -- 720x1280 compared to 400x800 on the S2, The screen on the S3 is nice and bright, and text looked pin-sharp to me in the short time I had with the phone, But despite the extra half an inch of screen, the phone itself isn't much bigger, which brings me to...

CNET también está disponible en español. Don't show this again. The t600 runs on Windows Mobile 6 Professional, and boasts a VGA screen and Wi-Fi, but that's not why you'll want it. Your Jeremy Kyle-loving self is going to want the t600 because it lets you watch Freeview. That's right! This isn't just a smart phone: it's a portable digital TV, with DAB radio as an added bonus. Disappointingly, you can't use it on the move but it works wonders while you're sitting at a desk or in your back garden.

While some airlines have already tried out RFID, BA has previously been iphone case best reluctant to consider a full-scale rollout, However, the airline reportedly suffered a high-profile baggage disaster last year when 11,000 bags were lost following strikes, Jo Best of reported from London, Airline believes it could save about $732 million by introducing the tracking tech, according to reports in the British press, BA's chief executive, Rod Eddington, announced at a meeting of the International Air Transport Association that he supports the introduction of RFID at the expense of traditional sticker bar codes, according to reports in several daily papers, It's hoped the tech changeover will mean passengers' bags don't go astray en route..

Although few are talking about it, the new video app could be a perfect tool for citizen journalists, and news organizations that want access to real-time news. One Vine shows the potential. What if the Arab Spring, or Hurricane Sandy had been Vined?. Much has been made over the years about how Twitter is one of the world's most important new tools for reporting breaking news. But with the launch of Vine, has Twitter now expanded its control over citizen journalism to video?. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.