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iphone 5 case with card holder

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iphone 5 case with card holder

And Intel has moved on too. The chipmaker has reset its sights on ultrabooks, which offer comparable portability but much better performance. Via Liliputing. Dell is leaving Netbooks to the dustbin of laptop history. But it's not terribly surprising, considering the rise of tablets and the emergence of ultrabooks. Dell is longer interested in selling Netbooks--that category of 10-inch class laptops that saw mild success for a couple of years but is now facing a serious existential crisis. Rather, Dell is now concentrating on laptops that deliver real performance--a major failing of the Netbook.

One area where VR has really taken off is in helping people see through the eyes of those who are facing injustice, whether it's domestic-abuse victims in Nonny de la Peña's "Kiya" or Syrian refugees in the UN-backed "Clouds Over Siddra", The possibilities of educating people by placing them in the shoes of others intrigued activist Shelby Knox, from New York, who was at Sundance to promote cyberbullying documentary "Audrie and Daisy." Having never used VR before, she wanted to explore de la Peña's "Across the Line", an animated piece of "immersive journalism" that puts you outside an abortion clinic, running a gauntlet of abuse and hostility from anti-abortion protestors -- iphone 5 case with card holder all of which is taken from real-life recordings..

"One of the participants, before doing the experiment, told us, 'You're not going to find me because I'm very careful about my photos online.' And we found him," says Acquisti, "Because someone else had uploaded a photo of him."Companies are beginning to use facial recognition technology to improve business. National retailers are installing cameras, some in store mannequins, to learn more about customers, while entities like malls can put cameras in digital billboards that recognize the age and gender of their shoppers and tailor ads to them on the spot.

John Chen, who became the smartphone maker's CEO last November, doesn't see China as a viable option for his operation right now, he told Reuters in an interview published on Friday, "It takes too long to ramp up to a size that is even reasonable [in China]," Chen told Reuters, "Even if I have that time and money I'll probably have better returns going into a different set of markets that we are already in, like India, South Asia and Southeast Asia."One major obstacle to going after customers in China is information security, which Chen has made a iphone 5 case with card holder key part of BlackBerry's turnaround, While Chen previously said China is "too big a market to ignore," he's concerned that an expansion in the country would require a deal with the government over how requests for user data are handled, Blackberry would need to be able to provide a level of security that both Chinese and Western authorities are "comfortable" with, Chen told Reuters..

It also analyses the colour of the fluid. While it does tend to naturally darken over the course of the menstrual period, anything outside of this could be an indicator of stress or other low health. A lighter colour, for instance, could indicate anemia, while darker for the entire duration could indicate dehydration. Very dark could be an indicator of endometriosis. The Looncup will keep careful note and let you know if you should see a doctor. It sounds pretty great, but there are some limitations. For example, you should never (obviously) wear it going through airport security.