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gray marble rosegold glitter pink metallic foil style iphone case

SKU: EN-L10408

gray marble rosegold glitter pink metallic foil style iphone case

gray marble rosegold glitter pink metallic foil style iphone case

If you find yourself regularly wishing you could zoom in on Instagram, there is a setting that lets you zoom in on it or any other app or screen on your iPhone. Head to Settings > General > Accessibility and in the Vision section, tap the Zoom setting. Then, on the Zoom screen, turn the toggle switch on. Now, you'll be able to double-tap with three fingers to zoom in and out on Instagram or any other screen. While zoomed in, you can move around an image by dragging with three fingers. Double-tap again with three fingers to return to the normal zoom level on your iPhone. You can also change the zoom level after double-tapping with three fingers to zoom in by double-tapping-and-holding with three fingers and then pinching outward. The zoom level you choose will be the zoom level you return to the next time you zoom.

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But is there any demand for a Facebook-centered gadget like this? If Facebook's weak stock performance is any judge, perhaps not. I feel that if a Zuckerberg sanctioned mobile gadget is to succeed, it better take a page from the Nokia Lumia 900's playbook and be very aggressively priced. In any case I think that this is the wrong direction for smartphones to go. I'd rather pay a little more for a higher degree of functionality. Image a phone that you could effortlessly flip from pure stock Android over to a manufacturer's best software interface (Sense, Touchwiz, what have you) at will without any data loss or warranty headaches. Now that's a smartphone worth dreaming about.

"He's throwing millions of dollars into these companies and right now it doesn't look like there's going to be a payoff, And, if it does, it's going to be two or three years before he gets the payoff, so it's gray marble rosegold glitter pink metallic foil style iphone case a long-term bet," Badding said, "But you can't write this guy off," he said, "Another six to 12 months will give us a clearer idea of how these investments might pay off, Right now it's just a puzzle he's trying to put together.", If Craig McCaw's history is any indication, the seemingly dreary future for the satellite phone industry may soon be brighter..

And even if it sounds unbearable to wait until the ZenFone AR makes its debut, I nevertheless recommend you avoid the Phab 2 Pro. It truly feels like a work in progress -- not a full-fledged system for either the hardware or the software. And, because it fails to live up to its single purpose, AR, it's not something you should even consider buying. You can lay out an elaborate pattern of AR dominoes right on the floor, and watch them all fall down. The Phab 2 Pro may have a humongous battery, but you'll get less life out of it than you'd think. Part of that is because complex AR software sucks up a lot of power, and that's completely understandable. Even without background software running, Lenovo's phone only logged 11 hours of battery life on our continuous video loop test. That's just about average, but you'd expect more raw power from a phone with such a big honking battery.