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do iphone screen protectors leave residue

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do iphone screen protectors leave residue

Still, if you're looking for a seaworthy tablet, or even just a device that can handle being out in the rain, the Pantech Element may be just the thing. Pantech's 8-inch waterproof Android tablet, the Element, goes on sale at AT&T starting January 22 for $299 on contract. LAS VEGAS--Finally, a Honeycomb tablet for the hot tub. The Pantech Element, announced during AT&T's CES 2012 press conference, is a waterproof tablet running Android 3.2. The tablet is due out on January 22, priced at $299 with a two-year contract.

"A high-profile hero phone, first to market in its form factor, could really help reset people's expectations and confidence in LG, and it is hitting at a good time," said Stephen Baker, an analyst at NPD, Mobile was a bright spot when LG reported its fourth-quarter results on Monday, with do iphone screen protectors leave residue the unit seeing sales rise 28 percent, The company shipped a record 13.2 million smartphones in the period, up 54 percent from a year ago, LG's steady progress comes in contrast to the myriad companies that have struggled to turn a profit at a time when consumers are primarily flocking to an iPhone or Galaxy S smartphone, Even Google ended up dumping Motorola Mobility onto Lenovo after successive quarters of losses, LG's share of the global market rose to 4.5 percent from 4 percent a year ago, according to Strategy Analytics, That's tiny relative to Apple or Samsung, yes, but it's growing at a time when other players are seeing their position erode..

(via AppleInsider). links for iTunes (Mac | Windows). Company now offering users a preview of what they can find in the App Store, but in their browser. The change comes just a few months after Apple first introduced the program for music albums. Just a few months after introducing its browser-based iTunes Preview pages for music, Apple has expanded the feature to include items from the App Store. Now, when a user clicks an iTunes link for an iPhone or iPod Touch app, they're taken to a page with a similar layout to what they'd see when browsing the iTunes Store in Apple's iTunes software. But instead, it's in their browser. This allows users who don't have iTunes installed to see more information about an app without having the software installed. That said, preview pages attempt to launch iTunes each time you load them.

If you have more than seven minutes, Nike+ Training Club (Android, iOS) is a free app with over 100 workouts of varying difficulties, time constraints, and equipment requirements, led by Nike Master Trainers, The app even lets you choose your own playlist to work out to, If you have enough money to splurge do iphone screen protectors leave residue (though, not enough for a gym membership), check out Daily Burn (Android, iOS), an app that offers streaming class-style workouts (such as yoga, Pilates, and dance) for a monthly subscription fee of $12.99, £9.99, AU$19.99..

Other than that, the Xperia SL is set to mimic its predecessor with the fervour of an obsessive method actor. The chunky design remains the same, though leaked press shots suggest the SL will come in purple and pink options, while a 12-megapixel camera and 32GB of storage are also expected to make an appearance. The display is set to be the same 4.3-inch affair that's found on the Xperia S. We were impressed with the panel on that earlier blower when we gave it the full review treatment, but the size is looking a smidge on the small side compared with the likes of the 4.8-inch Galaxy S3.