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ballet flats belk

The show is most energized when Sally and the Kit Kat Girls are on stage doing numbers such as “Don’t Tell Mama” and “Mein Herr,” two sexy ditties that stop the show. Mosbacher, an experienced singer, finally gets to show his chops in “Perfectly Marvelous,” a perfectly marvelous duet with Shapiro. One of the things director Brandon Jackson pulled off was developing the love relationship between Fraulein Schneider (Karen DeHart) and Herr Schultz (Stuart Miller), who delivered a moving performance as Schneider’s suitor. One can feel their love throughout the big Fox Theatre house.

Los Altos Stage Company: “The 1940s Radio Hour.” Nov, 30 through Dec, 23, Directed by Lee Ann Payne, Featuring Ken Boswell, Katie Coleman, Nique Eagen, Aaron Hurley, Jacob Jackman, John Stephen King, Gary Landis, Elizabeth Claire Lawrence, Brigitte Losey, Michael Rhone, Nathaniel Rothrock, Michelle Skinner and Anthony Stephens, Bus Barn Theatre, 97 Hillview Ave., Los Altos, $18-$36, or 650-941-0551, Pear ballet flats belk Theatre: “The Millionth Production of a Christmas Carol.” Nov, 30 through Dec, 17, By James Kopp, Directed by Kopp, Featuring James Johnson, Jenn Sorkin, Ronald Feichtmeir, Bryan Moriarty, Ariel Aronica, Michael Weiland, Kelly Weber Barazza, Lisa Burton Guevara and Kopp, Pear Theatre, 1110 La Avenida St., Mountain View, $15-$35, or 650-254-1148..

“We’ll explore the jazz book in dialogue with Indian classical music, and branch out into ragas,” Gupta says. “The exciting thing about what we’re doing is the diversity. There are all these different ways we can appeal to people, and everyone wants to work together.”. Given the Bay Area’s growing South Asian population and Northern California’s longtime status as a vital center for Hindustani music and dance (influences spread by institutions created by giants like Ali Akbar Khan and Chitresh Das), the region seems ripe for something like BRM. Just like Classical Revolution took chamber music into cafes and nightclubs, Brooklyn Raga Massive has turned new, often unsuspecting audiences onto Indian music by taking it out of temples and concert halls.

Holman has spent much of the past decade documenting poetry recited by native speakers of endangered languages, and many of his recordings are woven through Alexander MacSween’s score and Philip Perkins’ audio design for “Figures of Speech.” Though no stranger to multimedia productions, Holman had never worked in a ballet setting before, “a different kettle of fish,” he says, “I thought I’d seen everything, but the way Alonzo uses the recordings as a major part of the score is amazing, He’s not choreographing to the stories, It’s about language, and letting the body speak, communicating abstract, grand ideas through sheer physicality, It’s a really unusual approach — ballet flats belk the idea of using the loss of languages, the basis for these different cultures, as the subject for a dance.”..

Participating artists are Rosalinda Grejsen, Jill Ann Cooke, Sherry Cummings, Paul Schorr, David E. Fraser, Sam Hill, Ken Tomlin, Lisa Salazar, Julia Starr, Mauricio Ramirez, Mayette Ignacio, Sandy Gangwer, Kathleen Henderson, Sue Clanton, Nordyn Anderson, Julia Offord, Mark Jezierny, Sherry Morris, Kay Kirby, Milian Correa, FROgard Butler, Mark Pemberton, Elizabeth Westfall, Sheila Fisher, Fred Hoskins, Joel Summerhill, Ramona Kennon-Frink, Sal Valencia, Michelle Ramirez, Sandra Berkson, Lynn Peterson, Jeanne Wallen, Josie O’Malley, Jo Cotarelo and Gloria Cannon.